Friday Nov 6th

Garden open from 5pm - 9pm

Saturday Nov 7th & Sunday Nov 8th

Garden open from noon to 9pm

Enjoy the Weather!!

Open for Carryout or Garden service while the weather holds

from 5pm to 9pm on Tuesdays through Sunday

Please call 773 528 9050 to order

Please help us by avoiding the third party delivery services

(unless delivery is required)

Carryout Menu

Plain with butter - 8.50

Fromage  ~  Choose from Swiss, Cheddar, or Goat - 10.00

La Chateauneuf du Faou  ~  Ham and Swiss - 11.50

Epinards crème  ~  Sautéed spinach in a butter cream sauce - 12.50

La Végétarienne  ~  Sautéed broccoli, roasted tomatoes, and your choice of cheeses - 14.50

Poulet et fromage de chèvre  ~  Chicken in herb cream sauce , roasted tomatoes, and goat cheese - 16.00

Poulet aux champignons  ~  Chicken in an herb cream sauce with sautéed mushrooms - 16.00

Poulet au curry  ~  Chicken in a curry cream sauce with a side of rice and mango chutney - 16.50

Boeuf bourguignon  ~  Beef braised with burgundy, carrots, and celery - 17.00

Sweet Crêpes

Plain with butter and sugar - 8.50

La Citron  ~  Fresh-squeezed lemon with sugar - 10.50

Chocolate or Nutella or Peanut butter (pick one) - 11.00

Banana or strawberries or coconut (pick one) - 11.00

Suzette á la Germain  ~  A Grand Marnier and orange with lemon reduction - 14.00

Banana Sara ~ Bananas in a brown sugar caramel sauce with rum and vanilla bean ice cream - 14.00

La Classique  ~  Nutella with bananas - 14.00

Caramel and salted butter  ~  Caramel sauce in a salted butter - 14.00

La Cacahuete  ~  Peanut butter, chocolate, and bananas - 14.00